ELITE Bottle JET GREEN 950ml 8,60 € 13%
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Delivery from: Martes 12.12.2023

8,60 € con el IVA Descuento

7,42 €

6,13 € sin el IVA

Código de importación: 0203002


The JET GREEN bottle is made of bioplastics based on sugar cane from sustainable agriculture. Bioplastics based on renewable raw materials help to massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire life of the product and during production (carbon footprint of the product). Ethanol derived from sugarcane is used as a substitute for oil in the production of environmentally friendly bioplastic materials that have the same physical and chemical properties as conventional plastic. 100% recyclable through normal household plastic collection.

Informaciones adicionales

Categoría: Bottelas
Size: 950 ml
Style: Universal
Specification: Classic
Color 1: Brown
ELITE Bottle JET GREEN 950ml
ELITE Bottle JET GREEN 950ml

7,42 €

6,13 € sin el IVA

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